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[Suggestion Box] T2 #07
That's... Not really something you're expect to do for a CPR Training... XD

From left to right, we have: 
Aria, suggested by :iconloner2000:
Scarlett, suggested by :iconsuper-spartan:

Link to full pic


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Got a hate tag today, though I laugh too much on it to report XD
[Suggestion Box] T1 #07
In this month of Mayternity, there is time to celebrate and decorate the belly who bring so much roundness :D

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Nis, suggested by :iconviper9000:
Silvermist (Tinkerbell Movies), suggested by :icondarkatio-kun:
Olivia, suggested by :iconjanus-006:

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Mayternity Through Time - Edo Japan
My entry for the Mayternity through time, started by :iconimpreg-nation:

Edo was the longest peace era in Japan's history (268 years), a time for trade, innovation and, of course, procreation ;)


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The Hyperwatch project

Tue Apr 18, 2017, 3:29 PM
Unknown by Marrazan

Recently, I got a proposition from :iconmilliejonasen:

She wanted to create her persona OC like a Overwatch heroine. But not like a cosplay, she wanted her OC would be reimagined to look like she would be a totally new character in the Overwatch universe. With her own abilities and weapon.
But then, she realized that Overwatch is a team game with a lot of heroes. So why to only have Millie to look like one?

This is now we talk about this project. Hyperwatch is an idea to create a whole new casting of heroes. With their own abilities, gameplay or wepons. Indeed, these character will never get into the game, but we want to treat them like if they "could be" part of the game. Imagine one instant your character can be in the game, he could be dressed like this, use this weapon, be able to have these skills... This is the feeling we want to make you feel with this project.

We're recruiting 20 heroes, 5 for each class: Assault, Defense, Tank, Support.
Each hero will be drawn in a character sheet similar to this.

Then, they will all be included in a huge poster just like the one for Overwatch promotional.

You get a cell shaded image of your character as an Overwatch hero from front and back view, and get a place in the final team poster.

The price to enter the team is $40 to get everything's listed above

:heart: All drawn by me. Yeah, I'll do all the job! :heart:

What you need to get your chances to have your hero:

- $40 ready, that's the price to enter indeed... Payment will not proceed immediately, but you need to have the money ready when the project will start.
- Having an OC, we don't take fanart characters.
- Your OC can be pregnant, big boobed or these kind of stuff, we're fine with that. Just, I'll don't make hyperpreg or hyperboobed characters, you must to be decently sized. The character is treated like a hero before a fetish character, keep that in mind.
- Have an idea about how your character could be in Overwatch. Of course we can help you to find what fit the most, but it's better if you already know.

The Hyperwatch's project will begin when my actual commissions list will be finished.

This will be my biggest commission project ever, I'm proud and excited to work on this (though a bit scared too because the project's size).

To join the project, please click here

Commissions status -CLOSED-

List -0 slots available-

Slots list

:iconmilliejonasen: (unpaid) Simple shade :bulletred:
(paid) Color sketch :bulletgreen:
:iconladycathryne: (unpaid) Color sketch :bulletred:
:iconretropony28: (unpaid) Color sketch :bulletred:
:icondemonpandaren: (paid) Cell shading :bulletgreen:
:iconmindscatter: (unpaid) Cell shading :bulletred:
:iconpoppablekatie: (unpaid) Color sketch :bulletred:
:iconfun-10-x-int-40-ir2: (unpaid) Simple shade :bulletred:
:iconquantummechonis: (unpaid) Simple shade :bulletred:
:iconhuskarchon: (unpaid - private) Color sketch :bulletred: (unpaid) Color sketch :bulletred:

Gif animation slot

:iconkristinakatt: (unpaid) Sketch :bulletgreen: Lining :bulletyellow: Colors :bulletred:

It's not first come first serve, I choose the commissions I'll work on.

If you want to take all your chances to get a commission, make it attractive and interesting :) don't throw ideas like in a scumbag. I'll work for you, and I dislike to have a relationship like "employee/employer".
Wall of texts are my enemies, multiple notes are even worse. Stay concise and don't tell me infos that are not required. As this is not a speed challenge, you can take your time.
Refs pics are your best friends. I am a visual artist. I work better with images. So don't describe, show it!
Please follow the form, and don't miss infos. I'm tired to always grab myself what it should be in the original note.

Arrow down by solchu123 Please check informations below Arrow down 

Untitled-1 by Marrazan


- Your commission is not accepted until I specifically answered I take it.

- One slot per person, you can also request until 2 commissions at the same time along these are Sketches or Color sketches.

- Please, make your note contain the "commission" word into the title. That help me to pack which message is for a commission or not.

- When I've validated your commission slot, I'll work on and send a layout to show you my graphics intentions and the general aspect of your drawing. You can ask any corrections that you need, this is made for.
Every corrections requested AFTER this step will cost an additional $5 on the final invoice. You don't have the permission to post or use any layout or WiP pics that I made for you, but you have full rights on the finished piece.

- When the layout is validated, I send you an invoice via PayPal to your email. You have 10 days to pay it, you can request more time if you need, but the final time will not exceed more than 15 days.
If you prefer, when validated, you can send your payment to Don't send me any payment as long as I didn't give you the go ahead.

- Commissions done are not refunded when finished and paid.

- You can use a commission you bought from me anywhere you want (with credits of mine, of course).


Copy this form to make your commissions

Title: I'll choose myself if you don't tell anything about
Email: for the invoice
Commission type: tell me if you want a sketch, color sketch, line art, etc.
Character(s): at least one reference picture and/or a detailed written description. The more detailed you are, the best I can be accurate to your idea.
Cup size/belly size: you can link me a reference size that you like, or tell me a size to this folder. You can also use this for breasts references. Also, you can choose a bellybutton, for a huge pregnant woman, on this reference sheet.
Other: any extra details you judge good to include.

Also, if you order a sketch or a color sketch, don't forget to precise if you want to pay me with money or DA points.

Thank for your attention :)

Journal History

You need to know this artist


French mangaka with great style. His manga "No Softly" is a really good shônen, don't hesitate to check it out :D


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Marrazan Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
1. I work on a Cintiq HD
2. I have enough things to do without doing random requests like that...
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